Night Care

Frias Gate strives to ensure they deliver the best care to you or your loved ones making sure you retain you independence and dignity

Frias Gate Care we understand that care needs do not stop at the end of the day. Our night care offers care and support throughout the night so that you or your loved one can rest peacefully and comfortably.

Night care support involves:

  • Administration of medication through the night
  • Assistance with toilet breaks
  • Changing sleeping position
  • Easing of anxiety knowing help is on hand
  • Assistance with complex care needs

There are various options for our night care service. These include

A waking night carer

Our carer will be awake throughout the night to assist you. How long you need them is solely dependent on you. Having continuous support at night can help you sleep peacefully.

Sitting carer

This is also known as overnight respite care. A trained carer will keep you or your loved one company whilst the primary caregiver can take a break.

A sleeping night carer

Your 24-hour carer will be available to assist you. They are allowed to sleep but would wake up at least twice to assist you at night. However, this can be adjusted to your care needs.

If you have any questions and want to speak to our Care team.