Well trained carers, full of love and care to keep you company when eve you feel you need one.

We offer dedicated support and care from a passionate and trusted Carer. Our companionship services involve getting help in your home or having a confidant and friend for vacations or just a cup of tea. We tailor our companionship services to suit your needs.

We match you with a carer that has similar interests and personalities for the two of you to create a genuine bond. Your Carer/ companion will help you with hobbies, attending social events, running errands, or just showing up for a cup of tea. Our companionship services are aimed at curbing the adverse effects of loneliness.

Our companionship packages can involve:


You might have lost a loved one or your family members do not live in your area, a friendly and familiar will visit you regularly to keep you company and help you with your day to day tasks.

Running errands

Your companion will also be a personal assistant. There are there to help you with day to day errands such as shopping or picking up your prescription at the pharmacy.

Hobbies and holidays

If you want to go on holiday, attend a social group, do physical activities such as hiking or cycling, your companion will accompany you and assist you while you are there.


Our Carer will help you to get from A to B. She or he can either drive you or accompany you while you use public transport wherever you want to go.


Support to clean and keep the house neat can be provided by our carers. They make sure that your house is homely and you have a friendly face to chat with.

If you have any questions and want to speak to our Care team.